Deep Play

El título de esta página es el título de un libro de Diane Ackerman, poeta, ensayista y naturalista, la cual me ha cautivado con todos sus escritos. No he conseguido descubrir si está traducida, por lo que siempre la he seguido en inglés. Ella fue la que me recordó y reconfirmó que

Life is the game that must be played

Y cuando quiere mostrarnos qué considera como deep play, nos dice esto…

Deep play is the ecstatic form of play. In its thrall, all the play elements are visible, but they’re taken to intense and transcendent heights. Thus, deep play should really be classified by mood, not activity. It testifies to how something happens, not what happens.


Deep play always involves the sacred and holy, sometimes hidden in the most unlikely or humble places—amid towering shelves of rock in Nepal; crouched over print in a dimly lit room; slipping on AstroTurf; wearing a coconut-shell mask. We spend our lives in pursuit of moments that will allow these altered states to happen.


The spirit of deep play is central to the life of each person, and also to society, inspiring the visual, musical, and verbal arts; exploration and discovery; war; law; and other elements of culture we’ve come to cherish (or dread). Swept up by the deepest states of play, one feels balanced, creative, focused. Deep play is a fascinating hallmark of being human; it reveals our need to seek a special brand of transcendence, with a passion that makes thrill-seeking explicable, creativity possible, and religion inevitable.

Nebulosa de Orion

Y acaba el libro así…

There’s a tradition of wishing on a falling star, but what does one wish on a comet?

For those future residents on Earth: may their world still be packed with mysteries. May they still grow giddy on the eve of a great adventure. May they become more responsible to one another and to the planet. May they keep their taste for the renegade. May they never lose their sense of innocence and wonder. May they live to chase brash and astonishing dreams. May they return to tell me, if such a thing is possible, so that I can know the answers to a thousand scrupulous puzzles, hear of whole civilizations that bloomed and vanished, learn what travel to other solar systems has revealed, and behold the marvels that arose while I was gone. If that’s not possible, then I will have to make do with the playgrounds of mortality, and hope that at the end of my life I can simply say, wholeheartedly, that it was grace enough to be born and live.

¿Qué más os puedo decir? Que ese es mi deseo también, para mí y para todos vosotros. Al fin y al cabo, es mi forma, aunque sea sólo con la punta de los dedos, de rozar las estrellas…


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